Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow -- Lyrics

	I ain't gonna work tomorrow
	And I may not work next day
	I ain't gonna work tomorrow
	For it may be a rainy day

I'm a'going to leave this country
I a'going around this world
I'm going to leave this country
For the sake of one little girl

Well she told me that she loved me
And it caused my poor heart grief
Now she's got her back turned on me
And she's courting whoever she please

Well I lost my money at gambling
And I lost my name you see
I am nobody's darling
And nobody cares for me

Don't you hear my banjo a'ringing
Don't you hear it's mournful sound
Don't you hear those pretty girls laughing
Standing on the cold frosty ground

Well I'll hang my head in sorrow
I will hang my head and cry
I'll hang my head in sorrow
As my darling passes by